Reviews Universal 37 Degree L18 Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Blood Pressure Band Fitness Tracker SmartBand Sport Wristband IP54 Waterproof Black You save promotion

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Key Features
  • Mood condition detecting: Real-time detect your mood to remind you always stay a good mood.
  • Blood pressure: Give you health warning for you unhealthy work and lifestyle by monitoring you blood pressure.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Accurately measure the heart rate in 24 hours. It can detect sinus tachycardia, sinus arrhythmia, and will timely remind you.
  • Sports tracking: Track your sports, including walking distance, steps taken and calories burned, help you achieve your exercise goal.
  • Sleep monitoring: Show your deep sleep time, shallow sleep time and wake time with intuitive graph, help you develop a regular sleeping habit.