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  • “I must confess that it is a comprehensive work in an attempt to bringing issues that investors must consider before taking the first step to investing in stocks to the fore. To my mind, the book is thus not academic book but rather an able companion to that would-be investor, existing investors and other professionals at the market arena,” – From the foreword by Abayomi Obabolujo, ace analyst, and publisher of Stockswatch magazine
  • “Coming at a time the Nigerian investment books market is faced with a dearth of investment literature by indigenous writers… Whether you are a novice or a pro in the equity investment world, you are definitely going to experience a tremendous uplift in your portfolio when armed with a copy of Cracking the Stock Market Code. It is a must-read for any discerning investor who wants to make meaningful progress in the stock market.” – Aruna Kebira, Chartered Stockbroker
  • “Before reading this book, shares and stocks have been to me nothing more of a vague kind of investment. As an entrepreneur and businessman, I believed more in seeing my investments yield instant gains. Amah Lambert, through this incisive piece assures me convincingly, with his apt exposures how shares stand as the best investment choice. It is the best gift to this generation, a tool that empowers young minds and grooms better investment thoughts. Like the author, don’t keep this secret with you alone; pass it on until it liberates the last uninformed mind.” –Philip I. Thomas, CEO, Applet Plus Limited
  • “Cracking the Stock Market Code… is not just another book talking about the stock market, rather it is a must-read for anyone who is serious about his/her financial peace. The author took his time to layout a proper foundation for understanding yourself, your money, and the market before sharing valuable insight on how you can be successful in the market and thus attain financial freedom; retire early and happy.” – Abiola Kabiru, Author of The Unfair Advantage: Go From Zero to Millions
  • “Cracking the Stock Market Code…is an easy read that uses conventional wisdom analogies to illustrate how one can build wealth by investing in the stock market. Lambert takes the reader through personal financial planning, equity investment strategies, stock pricing and financial analysis. A good read for aspiring stock market entrepreneurs.” –Ubong Solomon, Principal Engineer, Belthyne, LLC, USA